Think of it as industrialized drug discovery.

We combine artificial intelligence and machine learning with automation and wet lab validation to conduct experimental biology at unprecedented scale — conducting more than 800,000 experiments every week. Our embrace of high-throughput biology and commitment to a target-agnostic approach are generating novel discoveries. With every experiment, our system gets smarter.

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We’re using technology to accelerate every step in drug discovery.

We’ve built the world’s largest dataset of biological images, fit for the purpose of machine learning. We’re training our algorithms on this data to reveal drug candidates, mechanisms of action, novel chemistry, and potential toxicity, to discover new, transformative treatments for patients.

“Deep learning has recently proven capable of driving cars, beating the world champion of the game of Go, translating from one language to another and recognizing faces dramatically better than any previous efforts to date. Recursion is taking this success and applying it to millions of high-resolution cellular images, with a high potential to make biological discoveries with a medical impact and breadth never seen before.”

Yoshua Bengio,
Recursion Scientific Advisor

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Business & Administration
How Recursion built a high throughput screening lab capable of producing four petabytes of biological data
by Ben Miller
Why Tech and Biotech VCs Talk Past Each Other
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