Think of it as radical bio-intelligence

We combine artificial intelligence with automation to conduct experimental biology at scale — testing thousands of compounds on hundreds of cellular disease models in parallel. Our embrace of systems biology and our commitment to an unbiased approach are leading to novel discoveries. With every experiment, our system gets smarter.

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We’re using technology to accelerate every step in drug discovery.

In just a few years we’ve built the world’s largest dataset of biological images. Using the latest in artificial intelligence methods, we’re training our algorithms on this data to predict important properties of new medicines with the goal of discovering treatments for hundreds of diseases.

“Deep learning has recently proven capable of driving cars, beating the world champion of the game of Go, translating from one language to another and recognizing faces dramatically better than any previous efforts to date. Recursion is taking this success and applying it to millions of high-resolution cellular images, with a high potential to make biological discoveries with a medical impact and breadth never seen before.”

Yoshua Bengio,
Recursion Scientific Advisor

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Recursion Building Onsite Childcare Facility to Support Working Parents
High-tech biopharma company partnering with childcare leader, Bright Horizons, to ensure working parents have the support they need to achieve their family and career ambitions
Recursion Announces Winners of RxRx1 Biology Machine Learning Competition
More than 860 teams participated in the competition with the goal of developing machine learning methods that identify representations of biology from Recursion’s first-ever open-source dataset
Dr. Imran S. Haque, Biology Machine Learning Expert, joins Recursion as VP of Data Science
Big data innovator well known for his high standards and rigorous approach to medical machine learning joins Recursion following senior roles at Freenome and Counsyl
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Building a Start-up Ecosystem for Utah Biotech Entrepreneurs
by Tina Larson & Christopher Gibson
Artificial Intelligence Lights a Beacon to New Medicine for Neurofibromatosis Type 2
by Ron Alfa
Empowering host factors to eradicate malaria
by Yolanda Chong